I was born in Dayton, Ohio and raised in Anaheim, California. I started playing music in elementary school and picked up the guitar at age 13. I play multiple instruments, guitar and bass being my forte but also drums, ukelele and a little piano. Classic rock has always been my favorite genre of music but I also enjoy, funk, punk, soul, jazz, metal, rap and R & B just to name six.   I’ve have been in many bands since the age on 15, most recently dfunktion which I formed in 2004 with Mike McQuaid and the late Great Thumpin’ Theron Brison(1963-2011)

Music is the one true thing that is always there for me, good or bad. It can bring you up and bring you right back down, either way I love sharing it with everyone.

Special Thanks to Mom and Dad for always being supportive.


2 comments on "Bio"

  • Phil

    January 21, 2018 (06:08) Reply

    Boz, Very nice site. I always love to see and hear you play. This should get you gigs from all who see it….
    You forgot to tell the story in your Bio, of the House of the Rising Son / your first piercing. That was your first public appearance, and as I recall you received a standing ovation from a very proud and happy crowd. I can still see you playing for the party and nailing that song start to finish. You’ve done nothing but excelled at everything since.

    • Jabe

      January 21, 2018 (06:09) Reply

      Lol thanks dad, I actually made a reference to that on the set list page.
      From what I recall it was a very nerve racking experience for me, it was the first time I played AND sang at the same time.
      Either way I’m thankful you had me learn it 🙂

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