I was born in Dayton, Ohio and raised in Anaheim, California. I started playing music in elementary school and picked up the guitar at age 13. I play multiple instruments, guitar and bass being my forte but also drums, ukelele and a little piano. Classic rock has always been my favorite genre of music but I also enjoy, funk, punk, soul, jazz, metal, rap and R & B just to name six.   I’ve have been in many bands since the age on 15, most recently dfunktion which I formed in 2004 with Mike McQuaid and the late Great Thumpin’ Theron Brison(1963-2011)

Music is the one true thing that is always there for me, good or bad. It can bring you up and bring you right back down, either way I love sharing it with everyone.

Special Thanks to Mom and Dad for always being supportive.