European Vacation

March 25, 2024

???? Taking a Musical Intermission: Off on a Eurotrip! ????

Hey there, wonderful folks!

Just dropping a quick note to let you in on some exciting news—I’m about to take a little musical hiatus and dive headfirst into an adventure across Europe! From April 1st to May 20th, 2024, I’ll be strumming my guitar through the streets of London, hitting the high notes in Amsterdam, dancing to the rhythm of Paris, soaking up the vibes in Barcelona, savoring the melodies in Palermo, and finding harmony in Athens.

To all my lovely clients and potential bookers, fear not! While I’ll be busy serenading cobblestone streets and sampling exotic cuisines, I’ll still be available at for any burning questions or potential bookings. Just give me a little time to respond—I’ll be on the other side of the pond, after all!

To my friends, family, and fans, thank you for your endless support and encouragement. You’re the reason I do what I do, and I can’t wait to share this next chapter with you when I return.

So, here’s to music, adventure, and all the good vibes in between! Catch you on the flip side, and until then, stay groovy.

Rock on,


Now Available for Zoom Meeting performances!

April 12, 2020

Check out Zoom online, it allows you to connect anyone you’d like where ever they are in the world!

Imagine you and 30 people you know all signed into the same online video feed where we can all communicate with each other and enjoy some live music.  You can also check out my set list and request whatever you would like to hear in realtime.

Set List

2018 Super Fresh Videos

June 14, 2018

Please enjoy my version of Oye Como Va by the one and only Carlos Santana, What I got by Sublime and Baby Got Back for all the party people in the house!

Welcome to my Site!

August 29, 2012

Hello Internet!!!

With Much Much Much help from family friend Jamie Coronado It’s finally here!


Of course this is a work in progress but at least the meat and potato’s have been served.

Special Thanks to Jamie Coronado for his continuing efforts and Ava Mostowfi for help crafting the catching site name.

Also special thanks to Maryanne Bilham for the amazing pictures from the Sunset marquis.

Thank You Thank you Thank you to “Back Beat” Mike McQuaid For all the help with the tunes for the site and to Stacia lloyd for letting me take over the house for the weekend to record.

Many Thank you’s go out to Mike Kelson of Say When Entertainment for giving me many many opportunities to perform

….and of course all my friends and family for being my friends and family….I lOVE YOU!!!

Jabe 🙂